In which we find our hero and heroine considering the various acrobatic feats of public transit required for their upcoming three-city tour of southwest England this November …

Krissa: I can’t seem to do a dog-leg trip from London to Winchester, to Southampton, and back to London, without spending a fortune in single fares, and they make the return fares so cheap! Are we going to have to go through Winchester on the way back to save some coins?

Stuart: Maybe.

Krissa: Oh well, I suppose you don’t need to go back through London, you can go straight to the airport … and I can take a train from Portsmouth instead, since it’s easier to get to there from your house.

: Definitely.

Krissa: So, there’s a bus leaving Portsmouth but it’s 3 hours to Heathrow, or a bus leaving Southampton that’s two hours but you have to be on a 6am ferry. On a Sunday.

Stuart: Mmmmm yes.

Krissa: But! I found a £5 fare from Portsmouth to London so I’ll take that on Tuesday and spend Tuesday night in London before my morning flight out.

Stuart: …. You and I are really well-matched. My current thinking on this amounts to, “this is a thing that’s happening in November.”

Krissa: …. so, what you’re saying is, you don’t want to see my Google Spreadsheet?

Fade to crickets.
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