I’ve had the loveliest weekend one can possibly have when the love of one’s life and constant companion is three thousand miles away visiting the motherland. Yes, it does mean I have been housebound after work because of this small nuisance with fur (sorry Nano) but the weekend has been nothing but friend puppy piles and afternoon drinking. With apologies to the actual puppy in my life, who’s had to amuse himself for large swathes of the day.

Yesterday started with brunch at Buttermilk Channel with one of the great good friends of the world and wouldn’t you know it, we ended up spending the entire day together, finishing it off with help from her tip-top husband and a lot of delicious libations. Who knew starting the day with a bellini or two would go so decadently? oh.

Then today I woke up to a chocolate croissant I had wisely invested in the day before (and refrained from eating when I returned home at 1 am). How smartypants was I to preload my day with pastry? Supersmart, is how much. Then I pureed peaches and strawberries (thanks, Helen Jane) and hightailed it to another friend’s house for girly brunch (bellinis again!) and a thoroughly ridiculous period piece. We decided the word TITS! is really underused, and that Marty Scorsese was phoning it in on The Age of Innocence. All that waist hugging! Come here my darling, let me … kiss your shoes. And then my dessert stomach actually couldn’t handle the cupcakes that were the grace note of the afternoon. Good thing I’m going to the gym tomorrow, huh. Otherwise it would just be too Roman.

All weekends should be three-day affairs. I may have to spend all day tomorrow doing homework (and the elliptical machine for my sins) but at least I got two full days of silliness and pastry. And tomorrow that wonderful man I married is coming home to a very happy wife.

It’s almost over, you know, winter. I am sure of it. I am starting to feel my metaphorical toes again. Be brave, green shoots! We’re all waiting!