after brunch

My name is Krissa Corbett Cavouras and I am le petit hiboux, or “the little owl(s)” in deliberately mis-constructed French.  Let’s get past that part! I’ve been blogging since 2002; this makes me your grandmother in blog years.  It’s still difficult to write an About page.

I live in Brooklyn with my incredible husband Stuart and our tiny dog Nano. He is more nervous than you. Please do not step on him, okay? Life is pretty damn sweet, except that my dad died this year, so sometimes it’s going to be a little angsty around here. Sorry about that.

I earned my graduate degree at Pratt School of Information and Library Science. They trained me to rule the world through information and organization.  Don’t worry, the revolution will be indexed.

I can be reached at gmail, which knows me as krissa. I also take photos and have been pimping them at Flickr since 2004.

As you can probably tell from the latest post, I don’t blog here anymore. I can more recently be found at Tumblr or Twitter, though, and I’m glad you stopped by. The archives are open for business. Anything else?