1. Sing an old Gershwin or Porter standard in a lounge act, just once.
2. Learn how to eat, and enjoy, seafood.
3. Write a novel and have it published.
4. Drive across the US. Slowly.
5. Walk across all the major bridges in New York City.
6. Spend New Year’s Eve on a beach.
7. Own a boat.
8. Learn Welsh.
9. Have babies. Maybe two. Not at the same time.
10. Take a vacation in wine country. Any wine country.
11. Officiate a wedding.
12. Learn to bake bread, do it often.
13. Go back to Kenya.
14. Scuba dive.
15. Fill a whole wall in our home with photos of friends and family.
16. Learn to garden.
17. Gut-renovate a house, or at least a room in a house.
18. Ride a tandem bike.
19. Try colored contacts, even just for fun.
20. Learn some jazz songs on the piano.
21. Donate to WNYC during a pledge drive.
22. See Bob Dylan in concert before, you know, he dies.
23. Go back to Greece with my parents mother again.
24. Build my own darkroom.
25. Get a master’s degree {and graduate! with honors!].
26. Know enough about architecture to recognize the major schools and movements, particularly the churches.
27. Fill up a moleskine front to back with nothing but writing and story ideas.
28. Go back to the town in which I was born (BA, Argentina).
29. Own a Vespa.
30. Teach a writing workshop.
31. Drive a four-wheeled car through a shallow riverbed crossing.
32. Climb Kilimanjaro.
33. Have dinner with Bill Bryson.
34. Be involved with my alma mater.
35. Adopt a dog who suits the name Caspian (this one’s about a decade old but still important).
36. Learn Greek.
37. Buy (and look great in!) a moderately expensive pair of amazing jeans.
38. Have Adirondack chairs, and a great porch to put them on.
39. Publish a short story in Granta.
40. Know my way around the lesser-known flowers.
41.Learn how to make perfect marinara sauce from scratch [although I love both Smitten’s and Frankies, I have to admit Frankies is better for pizza].
42. Hold a baby wild animal in my hands (or arms).
43. Throw the perfect anniversary party for Stuart and myself, in our tenth year, and then again at 25.
44. Serve on the Board for an organization close to my heart or ideals.
45. Live in England.
46. Give a toast at a close friend’s wedding (Erin, Beth, I’m looking at you).
47. Take my parents to dinner at Peter Luger.*
48. See the Alhambra with Stuart.
49. Take portraits of all my friends.
50. Own the complete unabridged OED, in twenty volumes.
51. Conquer my fear of bike-riding in New York.
52. Be on a radio show.
53. Skydive.
54. Visit southeast Asia.
55. Grow my own basil and parsley in our apartment [tried! failed! will have to try again].
56. Take dance classes with Stuart.
57. Live in Astoria again.
58. Go on vacation with Beth and Josh [check: one overnight in Philly!].
59. Redesign this website.
60. Adopt a seeing-eye dog after his work is done.
61. Legally change my name to Krissa.
62. Get back in touch with the kids I took care of, and their family, in the summer of 2000.
63. Learn how to make pasta.
64. Be a godmother. Maybe even a fairy one.
65. Own a house with a yard.
66. Throw a benefit party for a good cause.
67. Visit Kristin in Vancouver (I promise! I promise! One day).
68. Live near(er) to my parents; live near my brother; live near Stuart’s family.
69. Help effect – or at least contribute and support – equal marriage rights for same-sex couples in my lifetime [New York, check!].
70. Get some steady freelance editing work.
71. Take regular family vacations somewhere; maybe the Catskills.
72. Visit the Alameda Flea Market with a suitcase a handful of cash (next time!).
73. Make a quilt. (I know! I’m insane.)
74. Help a friend with a project or ambition of theirs’.
75. Write an article for the New York Times.
76. Learn how to run regularly,
77. then run a 5K,
78. then run a half-marathon.
79. Cook a huge Thanksgiving dinner.
80. Cut my hair really short.
81. Take a knife-skills class.
82. Teach.
83. Go on a canal-boat holiday.
84. Practice yoga regularly.
85. Go kayaking.
86. Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible (preferably vintage).
87. Make gifts from scratch one Christmas.
88. Take a family vacation with both of my brothers and my mother.
89. Run for some sort of office.
90. Save up for one or two really big gifts to myself.
91. Catch a firefly in a jar.
92. Help send my kid(s) to college without incurring debt.
93. Make a beautiful piece of jewelry for a friend.
94. Attend a convention (preferably an interesting one) [check! SLA is awesome, two years running.]
95. Live in California.
96. Visit the Bodleian Library at Oxford (and Oxford generally).
97. Do an apartment-swap with a friend in Europe.
98. Read Henry James and William Faulkner already, sheesh.
99. Go on a bike trip.
100. Enjoy it all.

*without getting too macabre here, this one was really about my father. I may well change it to “Celebrate my master’s degree at Peter Luger in honor of Dad” [oops, we did it at a Greek restaurant instead; he was still honored, though, as always.]