I know, link lists are so 2003. Nonetheless, these are the blogs I click to most often out of my Google Reader, for what it’s worth, divided by type. This is but a sampling, but a choice one nonetheless:

Personal Blogs
Sideways Rain

A Cup of Tea and a Wheat Penny

This Fish

Nothing but Bonfires

A Girl and a Boy

Better Now

May in the Bay

Que Sera Sera
(and Damn, Gina)
Mighty Girl


Food Blogs
Last Night’s Dinner
Love & Olive Oil
Smitten Kitchen
The Paupered Chef

Libraries, Liberties & Law
LibraryLaw Blog
The Laboritorium
Fairly Used: Stanford University Libraries

Hyperbole and a Half
Not Martha
Freakonomics Blog (NYT)
Bitten Blog (NYT)

updated 7/24/2010