2010 is almost over and in the spirit of all things end of year, a list:

Things that are Shiny and New:

  • My new job! I have left my beloved ACAT and all the wonderful AT teachers that made up my days, 20 hours a week, and have started at a research institute that’s part of a Big Hospital Conglomerate. The work is research support on a few grant-funded projects that deal with HIV/AIDS and intravenous drug use (cheery!) and it’s full-time and very librarian-adjacent, which is how I like it. I get to manage data (yay), facilitate academic research (double-yay) and make sure things are efficiently ticking along (double-plus-yay) for the researchers.

Sub-List #1 – Things I Love About The New Job:

  • Everyone here is a tea-drinker.
  • I have plants.
  • I took over the position from one of the A+ coolest people in my graduate program, whose shoes are going to be tough to fill; everyone was in tears at her goodbye shindig.
  • DATA. Did I mention the data?
  • ACADEMIC RESEARCH. Did I mention all the databases? No? Let me mention them.
  • Working downtown near Stuart.
  • Working near water.
  • To re-iterate, the data and the academic research. And the spreadsheets.

Continuing the Things That Are Shiny And New list:

  • Oh, wait, I think the job was the only shiny, new thing. Let’s tweak this list.

Things That Are Shiny, But Not Necessarily New:

  • Our new couch. We have a new couch that I spend a lot of time communing with. (A new couch with which I spend a lot of time communing.) You could say I’m a couch potato, but that would be rude, because potatoes, though delicious, are not particularly sexy or exciting, nor are they maintaining their 4.0 in graduate school. So let’s say I’m a couch … what’s a sexy vegetable? Asparagus is sexy. Let’s say I’m a couch asparagus. That watches True Blood.
  • That article I published in Hawaii Women’s Journal. Woops. I really dropped the ball here, internet visitors and loved ones. I didn’t tell you about this? Really? Well, most of you know me from Facebook and Twitter anyway, right? I mentioned it there. So, if you didn’t see it, it’s on pages 44-45 of HWJ’s November 2010 issue and it’s full of geektastic librarian jokes.
  • My hair. What, it is. It’s shiny, long, and now that I’m working every day, has to be diffuser-blown-dry before leaving the house, lest it freeze to my head. My hair has suddenly developed a maintenance routine.
  • The caramel brulee latte at Starbucks. It is like crack. (A joke I shouldn’t make now that I work at a research institute devoted to HIV/AIDS and drug use that sometimes includes actual crack.)

Things That Are Distinctly Un-Shiny:

  • Winter. Listen, people, this has been one cold bitch of a December thus far. Maybe this is because I am leaving the house at the crack of dawn every morning eight in the morning now, but I have never been so desperate for the thermostat to just crack 40 already. Just 40! Just break out past freezing, WINTER. This segues nicely into…
  • commuting. I used to secretly roll my eyes at friends and loved ones who I live with that liked to bitch and moan about the MTA and commuter rage. Dude! It’s an economy of scale and a glorious feat of civic engineering! Shut up already! … oh. Then I started commuting every day at commuting o’clock (as opposed to the glorious hour of 9:30am where it’s all unicorns and candy canes) and I am distinctly less impressed with a. my fellow humanoids and b. the MTA. I’m still refusing to bitch about it, cf. economy of scale and glorious feat of civic engineering.
  • Hermit-itude. I have become a hermit. I vaguely remember what my friends look like and people, these are not your garden-variety friends, these are top-shelf, scarcity-marketing, sign-up-luxury-goods-website type friends. These people are a crack team of friends. Not THAT kind of crack. And yet, I barely have seen them in a month. I will blame school, and my new job, and the weather, but I will also blame myself a little, and I commit to being 63% more social in the upcoming year than I have been in the last month.

Things That Are The Reason For This Pathetic Post Being My Last Update in 2010:

  • Aruba. I am going there next week, with Stuart and my brother and my mom and my other brother and his wife and daughter. We are going because my mom likes to have all her three kids in the same room/city/continent from time to time (is the Caribbean a continent?) and also because let’s face it, people, my dad died last year around Christmas so Christmas isn’t going to be the same and it might as well be not the same on a Caribbean island that may, or may not, be its own continent. I will maybe post pictures if the beach house has wireless, but I realize that sentence means you’ll never talk to me ever again. Until 2011, right?

Okay, that’s enough with the lists. I wish you a beautiful and peaceful and family-filled (or family-less if that’s your preference!) and delicious Chrismukkah (although the -ukkah part is already over) and I hope you spend your New Year’s Eve making out with unicorn candy canes, if that is what your little heart desires. I, for one, am cautiously optimistic that 2011 will not suck, or at least, it will not suck in the same ways that 2010 sucked, and it will rock in similar or amplified ways that 2010 rocked.

2011: Less/Different Suck, Equal/Better Rock. How’s that for a motto?